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Pilates: The Ultimate Blend of Strength and Flexibility

   Pilates derives its name from the German-born Joseph H Pilates who sought to "combine the physique of the ancient Greeks with the meditative strength of the East."  Exercises done on both mats and specialized equipment are individualized to:

  • Strengthen your core (abdomen, back, and pelvis)
  • Improve flexibility
  • Establish body control
  • Improve body symmetry
  • Correct spinal and pelvic alignment
  • Increase mind/body awareness
  • Enhance posture and fluidity of movement

   Exercise can be tailored to any level of fitness and adapted to people with disabilities and infirmities.  Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels, and performs. Linda Houck, an experienced Pilates instructor, will help you build strength, without the excess bulk. With her expertise, you can create a sleek, toned, body.  Through concentration on smooth, fluid movement, Linda will help you become aware of how your body feels, where it is in space, and how to control movement. Pilates can greatly benefit the menopausal woman by helping her relieve stress, improve mood, flatten her abdomen, and reduce joint and back pain.  By aligning the core of the body and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, Pilates may reduce the likelihood of developing bladder and prolapse disorders.

More recently, Linda became one of only 500 nationally certified instructors in the Pink Ribbon Protocol, a Pilates-based rehabilitation program designed for breast cancer survivors.