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Why Yoga ?

    Yoga, a mind-body practice with origins in ancient Indian philosophy, combines physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. Joan McDevitt, an experienced Yoga teacher/practitioner and Certified Integrative Therapist, will teach you in private or group settings.  Joan feels that imbalances inside and outside of us have a profound effect on our overall health and sense of well being. From a holistic perspective, our symptoms are always attempting to teach us where we are out of balance. Learning to listen deeply to our body's messages, while also addressing our emotional and spiritual imbalances, allows us to progress beyond symptom relief to restore optimum health and vitality. Yoga is one of the holistic modalities used to restore balance in the body, mind, and spirit and thus can be used to treat a wide variety of issues within varying populations of people. Yoga therapy can be particularly beneficial to women who are currently peri-menopausal or menopausal. Menopause is recognized as a natural transition for women. Nevertheless, hormone levels and body chemistry fluctuate, often causing women to feel out of balance and victims of their changing bodies. The integration of holistic therapies in a comprehensive approach to menopause increases relaxation and an overall sense of peace and wellbeing. Medical benefits include:

Improved mood and sense of well-being

Reduction of stress

Reduced heart rate and blood pressure

Increased lung capacity

Improved muscle relaxation and body composition

Help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, all of which are common in menopause

Improved overall physical fitness, strength, and flexibility thereby reducing back and joint pain

Strengthened pelvic floor muscles, which lowers the risk of stress incontinence and prolapse disorders

A heightened awareness of body sensations. This awareness, along with the myriad of other physical and emotional benefits can produce a more fulfilling sex life.